I led the entire redesign of Drizly’s web app and helped evolve their new brand through creative content development and brand strategy.





2014 — 2015


Art direction, brand strategy, product design, user research, visual design



Launch campaign

The goal of this campaign, a concept originally presented by Breakaway, was to evoke the joy of drinking at home through the nostalgic imagery of cocktail culture in the 60's and 70's. These upbeat ads appeared all over Boston during the soft launch of Drizly's new brand, and further established the company as playful, unpretentious, and eminently relatable.



Brand guidelines & collateral

In order to standardize the brand principles and make content creation more efficient, I created an ever-evolving style guide for all departments of the company to reference. I used these guidelines to design everything from delivery cars to business cards, bringing the brand on to the streets and ultimately increasing exposure.



NYC Campaign

I created this multi-channel OOH campaign specifically for New York, where it was displayed at Penn Station and on mobile. This was a ripe opportunity to penetrate a market where our competitors were trying to beat us to the punch. Through the use of a promo code we were able to track exposure and conversion, which were both hugely successful.




Leading the design of Drizly’s web app consisted of constant user testing and an overall iterative design process to ensure an intuitive, delightful, and safe experience. I also created a set of UI guidelines to maintain consistency across platforms and lay the visual groundwork for brand partnerships.